Offener Brief Jugoremedija

Public appeal – Destroying is not the way to the resurrection
There have been two years after the initiative of the EU, that was accepted by the Government in Belgrade, to investigate the 24 critical examples of the problematic privatizations, among them Jugoremedija. No visible results are there. There are some speculations about Jugoremedija and all the problems mentioned are the ones connected to the police–investigations, apprehensions and legal actions. In our case the events are dramatic, among the first arrests, a year ago, there were people from our company. Some of them were taken the personal possessions illegally, ich was not related with the businesses of Jugoremedija. Police investigations are continued, as many other anonimous threats and maltreatments, the company is blocked, the workers are in the Labour market and the bancrupcy was proclaimed, which gives a clear sign for the pocibility of licuidation of the company, destroying the working places and actions.
The public is informed about experiences of Jugoremedija that worker/shareholders possess 58% of shares, and the state 42%. The minor package was illegally sold to a contraversal businessman, who led the company through different usurpation into disaster. On the initiative of workers and shareholders the way to destroy the company was stopped. That was also approved at the court, when the sucked workers were sent back to work. Thus, the process of healing the wounds of loss and huge investments into reconstruction and development of the production was open. And when everybody expected the reconstructed company to start work with new resources and capacities doing businesses profitably as before the privatization, the pressure by the state as an owner of the smaller package to sell the company was bigger and bigger.
Everybody who shared a different opinion to this was put in different ways of pressure, maltreatement or other. Until today’s threat to be closed because of bancrupcy. The pharmaceutical industry is profitable round the world and therefore it is the target of greedy powerful people who are hiding behind so called “invisible hand of the market” and they often cause the lack of medicines in drug stores and hospitals, the crisis and bankruptcyof pharmaceutical companies.
Now, at the moment of destruction, we do not expect anybody to save us or share the mercy, but we want to let the public know that is inevitable to stop the trends of destroying the economy in the name of dreams about industrialization and normalization of life by joining the EU. It is necessary to finish the repression and dealing with problems through various forms of a crime. Certainly, everything considered to be a crime is to be punished and we support that, but we also think that this does not solve problems of economy falling apart, a rise of unemployment, poverty and despair of people.
For such a thing very specific reforms are necessary and they have already been announced to the public.
Those are: First, to change the dominated model of privatization in order to sell or resell companies and usurp the monopoly of cash flows. To stop claiming for rotten everything happened to exist during the real socialism, and to be saved by the
government or foreign investments. Without any support of domestic entrepreneurs, where we belong, it is hard to imaginethe reconstruction of economy. Instead of antagonism of the state as a co-owner of companies, it is necessary to keep various partner-related forms of capital and ownership, as in other developed countries.
With a due respect to responsibility of the central governance for the state and the future of the economy and society, it is a must for local communities to use their own property and do their role in an economic life. Those are very real and specific reforms that could move us to find the way out of the dead end, where we ended up. Those are the times when every aspect of life in a real socialism is proclaimed for a Gulag system, as well as getting to all the richness of ideas and maxims in the liberalism is mean to explain as new liberalism and bad financial situations, seen in the modern crisis of capitalism.
The reforms we mention could be the beginning of the way out of the reductions’ dead end. The dialogue about the trip from the despair where we were put is necessary. As well as about the reaffirmation of a support for revitalization and the Europe and the rest of the new age world.
It would be unreasonable to expect that the further destruction of the economy could be the renewal and development of the society.
In the name of workers and shareholders of Jugoremedija
Vladimir Pecikoza, president of the Board of Creditors
Branislav Markuš, president of the Council of Creditors

Zrenjanin, 27.05.2013

Appeal sent to:
- Parliament of the Republic Serbia
- Parliament of EU
- City Council of Zrenjanin
- Press

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