• Ricardo Semler (c) Elisabeth Scharang KGP 2014Ricardo Semler (c) Elisabeth Scharang KGP 2014
  • SONY DSCSEMCO office in Sao Paolo

Eyes on Brazil

The Football World Cup kicks off and so do we: All eyes on Brazil! A series for everyone, not only soccer fans.

Let’s discover how a business company can be run with a democratic system and how the people who work there actually think and feel about that. Let’s get to know Brazilians and a bit of their country’s history.

The democratic corporate model SEMCO

For 30 years there are no special conditions or privileges for executive managers, conducive to a positive working atmosphere. Ricardo Semler‘s radical implementation of a democratic corporate model has had a major impact on increasing sales. The filmmaker Elisabeth Scharang immerses the cinema audience into the world of Ricardo Semler, a Brazilian visionary, and into his company SEMCO SA.

The company, with its 3.000 employees, demonstrates how economic success and participative management can make ends meet.

»Semco today is not what I want it to be, but what all the employees were ready to actively contribute and implement my ideas« Ricardo Semler

 read more about SEMCO:  Looking into the land of milk and honey

                                                       Exercise participation

                                                       Taking over

                                                       Break barriers

                                                        Change is never a one-man-show

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