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  • © Elisabeth ScharangFlordelice Bassanello and Fernanda Lobato Bandeira © Elisabeth Scharang
  • © Elisabeth ScharangFlordelice Bassanello © Elisabeth Scharang

Concerning: Gender equality


There was a women’s group at Semco but it doesn’t exist any more. Why is that? How about the women? Read more…


is crossmedia-project initiated by filmmaker and journalist Elisabeth ScharangHer new documentary film tells about alternative working- and company structures. We want to discuss these big global issues above the film: This interactive platform is a forum to share thoughts and experiences about this issue. And to tell your story: seven questions about work and happiness.

Produced by KGP, Worldsales filmdelights. The film is released in spring 2014.

  • Oop © Klaudia BachingerOop © Klaudia Bachinger

I just have to invest my brain

Existential fear is a concept that Orawee (aka. Oop) from Bangkok does not understand. Not that she has never struggled in her life, nor did she grow up in comfort. She was brought up in humble circumstances in Thailand with a single dad… Read more…

  • Ali Mahlojdi (c) Klaudia BachingerAli Mahlojdi © Klaudia Bachinger
  • Ali Mahlojdi (c) Klaudia BachingerAli Mahlojdi © Klaudia Bachinger
  • (c) Klaudia Bachinger© Klaudia Bachinger
  • © Klaudia Bachinger© Klaudia Bachinger

“Existenzängste habe ich andauernd”

„Ich wollte schon als Kind wissen, was die Menschen arbeiten und warum“, erzählt Ali Mahlodji, Co-Founder von WHATCHADO.
Read more…

  • Davor in seinem Salon © Andrea StojanovićDavor in seinem Salon © Andrea Stojanović
  • (c) Andrea Stojanović© Andrea Stojanović
  • DavorDavor Žuža © Andrea Stojanović
  • © Andrea StojanovićSalon © Andrea Stojanović
  • Erschnitten: viele Pokale © Andrea StojanovićErschnitten: viele Pokale © Andrea Stojanović

Bist du zuhause? Arbeitest du? – Ich arbeite!

In dem kleinen montenegrinischen Städtchen Danilovgrad in Montenegro, betreibt Davor Žuža seit vier Jahren seinen eigenen kleinen Friseursalon in seinem Elternhaus. Read more…


Coffee shop space invader

I like to get busy in my favourite coffee shop just round the corner of my appartment. And they like it too offering free wifi and a extremly good coffee. I got to make my own hours, but friends sometimes come by to work next to me. I like that a lot.

See the film-trailer!

  • 7 qs_Verena c_Christine SchatzVerena c_Christine Schatz
  • Hochleitner002© Verena Hochleitner
  • Hochleitner003© Verena Hochleitner
  • image004 c_Verena Hochleitner© Verena Hochleitner
  • Illustration c_Verena Hochleitner© Verena Hochleitner
  • image005 c_Verena Hochleitner© Verena Hochleitner

Die Welt mit eigenen Augen sehen

Verena ist freischaffende Illustratorin und Grafikerin und lehrt Illustration an der Graphischen. Sie zählt im Bereich der Kinderliteratur zu den wichtigsten KünstlerInnen der jüngeren Generation. Und sie liebt ihre Arbeit. Read more…


Juris from Greece

Hello, I am Juris from Greece. I am an olivefarmer. I love my work although there are hard times. We don’t get much money for our products. But I am my own boss an its a great feeling selling my own olives on the market.

Share experience

Tell your story and share your experience with others. Use the 7 Qs to tell about your work, your profession, about good ideas and what you like or like to change. Use it to  tell about your work and why you do what you do.

Erfahrungen teilen

Sieben Fragen, um deine Geschichte zu erzählen: Warum tust du was du tust? Erzähle über deinen Beruf, was du daran liebst, was dich stört und wie deine Träume aussehen. Finde andere, um Ideen umzusetzen, Erfahrungen auszutauschen oder über einfach über deinen Arbeitsalltag zu erzählen.
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